Mario's Pizzeria

Mario's Pizzeria offers delicious Italian, American, Greek and Arabic food. Order your delivery here!
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Mario's Pizzeria

Mario's Pizzeria

We are Mario's Pizzeria. We work to offer you many options to choose. The greatest plate of our menu, our delicious pizzas. But as we know you love them we offer you the option of combine two pizzas of your choice for the price of one, plus 2 drinks totally free. And, as we know family is so important we have our family special: one or two pizzas plus chicken wings or fries and drinks. It's Amazing! But you also should try our submarines combos, and our absolutely delicious souvlaki and gyros. So check our menu and order online or by phone. Ask for our delivery service. But if you want, you can come at 6245 Henri-Bourassa for pick up. Remember, Mario's Pizzeria is your best choice.

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Quality score

  • Bryan

    Bryan Bryan

    -Mario’s pizza it is what it is. You know what to expect before ordering and that’s what they deliver. It’s a good quality pizza for fast food small pizza restaurant. Definitely not authentic or something that will blow you away but if you’re looking at Mario’s then you already know what to expect!-
  • Erika M

    Erika M Erika M

    -My favourite pizza + they always deliver very quickly. Bonus is their new French fries are super yummy-
  • Leo Frenza

    Leo Frenza Leo Frenza

    -OMG I can't believe I haven't out a review on Mario's yet. You would think that you can't get a good pizza from a 2 for 1 place - Wrong! I've been going there for over 10 years. Whenever I'm in The saint Laurent area and I have a hankering for pizza this is THE ONLY PLACE to go! They make it the way you like it, not so cheap on the toppings neither, the dough is terrific and doesn't taste like cardboard. Even fantastic next day! BTW... Thick crust, Italian sausage, black olives and extra sauce - trust me, the 'Leo Special' is amazing!-
  • Lissa Marie

    Lissa Marie Lissa Marie

    -Mario's Pizzeria has the best souvlaki in Montreal! Especially in ville Saint Laurent. The service is always excellent!-
  • David

    David David

    -Usually my family orders here when we can. The restaurant has delivery service or you can call for a pick up. They have a good variety of food and are usually pretty quick. We usually enjoy their poutine and pizza and it's for a decent price. They accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.-
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Mario's Pizzeria

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